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POEM: Snowman in the sun

A poem for Valentine's Day.
Snowman in the Sun



We flood towards the sea
and if we are lucky enough

Return silent like a lost tide

Resembling dust on a mantle
Knowing at any given moment

Some inner memory can slay us.
The nails pulled from the wall

Take away something no longer deemed important.


The lightning behind streaked blinds

Breaks above the roof line.


Through the fireworks of eyes

I see a world in distorted views


Trees resemble cities

Mountains vast blocks of industry.


The buckled river bank recedes

and in this leftover night


all that floats breathless

feels raw.




Outside of Harry’s

What if this love has no cure
What if the familiar is also true


Now that this place is oh so white

Can we reload and start over again


What are the chances this snow cannot melt

What if the details are rarely important


Can their smiles deny breaking glass

reflecting through magnolia trees.


What if these memories can reshape a heart

and a frozen carrot replace my broken up nose


Geese huddle in a valley further north

Forgotten berries cling to the vine.


What if this suitcase contained a song

And my gloves stay hidden in your car


The evening cascades into silence

And a sunset dazzles buttons for eyes.


What if stars look upon this place

Yet headless questions bicker and wait


A nest of ravens weaves through your hair

This borrowed torn scarf itches my chin.


What if details become less important

Perhaps as these fields become a playground


Or three Bloody Mary’s

Catch up with a streetcar.


Icy sweat is falling in slow motion

Heavy you say is a new type of word.


When need is translated into needing more

No text or message can trigger standing still.


What happens when footprints resemble ashes

And a distant song drifts into space


The moon is full and falling we melt

Knowing nothing can stop the scratching is back.



Draw nearer into the whistling light

Not so shy anymore


Let’s singe well-worn feathered wings

Over marooned miles lost and gained.


Let us laugh and burn listening to the news

Battle on buckled rotten frames.


Let’s bury ourselves deeper in the abstract belief

These slipping moments can live past forever


if we squeeze the dream out of our veins

and lick open wounds clean to the bone.



Are you ready to wake up?

No not really.


Can i stay like this for a little eternity?

Not that my dreams amount to so much


Just a slash of red and poker dots

spotting the dreary ok back again.


I thought you were up for melting with the shadows

Slip and slide over the sidewalk in laced up boots?


I am.

Yet where?


Travel feels forever distorted

Whenever I try to retrace my steps.


Outside frozen news papers the streets.

Power lines sway with edible colors.


You shrink too much you continue

clutching herbal tea if it wasn’t for me


you would forget how often

you always forget to eat.



Bombs are dropping there

Stomachs are crunching here


Can anyone tell me

Who really fucks for love.


Ever woken she said

After dreaming the night awake


Or slept fully clothed

Under the skins naked heart.


Last night two commercials collided

Soaked and stained and reel to real


You’re on my tongue she said again

In the mouths moonlit mind.


This cigarette is useless

This pill a fumble.


Outside it’s raining a three day hard on.

With outstretched hands a ferry passes.


This flower is for your hair I say.

This blood stained t-shirt you smile


(wiping my inner thigh)

Be thankful all mine.

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