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On Super Tuesday, March 1, a vote for Bernie Sanders

In his letter to the editor, Michael Ballon writes: "Voter turnout in primaries is traditionally low, but this year voters have something to be truly excited about."

To the Editor:

The Presidential Primary is next Tuesday, March 1, in Massachusetts, a fact all too few people are aware of.

As one of the “Super Tuesday” states, we have the opportunity and privilege to participate in the democratic process. Voter participation rates in primary elections are alarmingly low. But this year voters have something to be truly excited about. Bernie Sanders is a candidate of deep conviction, honesty, and integrity, and his campaign is funded by ordinary citizens, not Wall Street billionaires.

We send troops all over the world to fight for democracy, and yet here at home, many of us don’t bother to vote. Tuesday March 1st is a day to exercise your right to vote and be counted, and I will proudly be voting for Bernie Sanders.

Michael Ballon


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