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Learn more about 13 affordable housing units at Cable Mills

In his letter to the editor, Van Ellet urges those interested in the new affordable housing units at Cable Mills in Williamstown to attend a September 2 information session at Town Hall.

To the Editor:

Thirteen affordable housing apartments, which should be available for occupancy by the end of the year, will soon be available to rent at the new Cable Mills project in Williamstown. The Affordable Housing Committee(AHC) would like the public to be aware of an upcoming opportunity to learn more about these units and to ask questions of the developer.

To be eligible for one of these “affordable” units, interested individuals or families must meet certain income requirements— both minimum and maximum. For example, maximum household incomes cannot be above $46,100 for one person or $52,650 for two persons. Applications must be filed by September 30.

The info session will be held at Town Hall in Williamstown on September 2 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. The developer will then hold a lottery in mid-October to award these units to eligible applicants who have completed a screening process.

The apartments will include various sizes, including 1-bdrm (4 units), 2-bdrm (8 units), 3-bdrm (1) unit. Rentals range from $1,125 for a 1-bedroom apartment to $1,543 for three bedrooms (i.e., without utilities).

The AHC encourages all interested parties to attend.

Van Ellet

Williamstown, Mass.

The writer is chair of the Williamstown Affordable Housing Committee.

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