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DIGBY: From ‘Great Battles in American History’

Digby reflects on the Great Barrington hotel war, a momentous struggle for dominance between two hoteliers.

“Days after the final battle of the Mahidas-Toole Hotel War in the Massachusetts village of Great Barrington, the smoke rose to reveal a beautiful meadow on the former battlefield.

Not a single hotel was to be seen.”

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PETER MOST: A more PURDfect design

Since no one is making any more developable land here, let’s design thoughtfully and maximize use wisely. Let the experts be in charge.

I WITNESS: Yiddishkeit

If someone in Hollywood were to make a musical about both sides of my family, they would have to call it “Schindler on the Roof.” That’s how good my Jew cred is.

Please help support vulnerable members of your community by supporting The People’s Pantry

For many of our neighbors, it is not an optimistic time as they face a daily battle with food insecurity. They can’t afford the basic, healthy foods that many of us take for granted.

The Edge Is Free To Read.

But Not To Produce.