Saturday, June 15, 2024

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PETER MOST: A more PURDfect design

Since no one is making any more developable land here, let’s design thoughtfully and maximize use wisely. Let the experts be in charge.

I WITNESS: Yiddishkeit

If someone in Hollywood were to make a musical about both sides of my family, they would have to call it “Schindler on the Roof.” That’s how good my Jew cred is.

Please help support vulnerable members of your community by supporting The People’s Pantry

For many of our neighbors, it is not an optimistic time as they face a daily battle with food insecurity. They can’t afford the basic, healthy foods that many of us take for granted.

Trump’s former colleagues have turned away from him, and you should too

While Trump’s online fans embrace him more tightly, more and more of the people who actually worked with Trump have broken with him, often issuing statements denouncing his motives, intellect, and patriotism.

Five things I’ll bet you didn’t know about the March equinox

After jumping over the fire singing, "sorkhi-ye to az man, zardi-ye man az to" ("Your redness mine, my paleness yours"), adherents then put a coin in a pot and drop it from the roof.

In support of Leigh Davis for the Third Berkshire District

We are both thrilled that Leigh is now seeking our vote in a race to become the next Third Berkshire District State House Representative, representing the 18 towns in the district.

PETER MOST: Unwarranted

Let’s just say Great Barrington's understanding of contract principles, as articulated in a recent statement concerning the threatened litigation, remains mired in “that’s mine, not yours.”

My ‘transgressive’ Holocaust novel is still stirring debate 20 years later

Sure, it is semi-autobiographical. And yes, I was scarred by my history. But had I really “inherited sexualized trauma”?

I WITNESS: It is lonely in the middle

I know that there are far more of us in the center than at the margins, but the margins seem to be running the show these days.

SHEELA CLARY: Half emergencies

For me, for us, the current trend toward warmth instead of cold and rain instead of snow is a sadness simple, a simple loss, a long, felt absence of this thing that we love and miss, an absence about which there is nothing to be done.

CONNECTIONS: Let’s hold on to what makes the Berkshires a grand place to live

Concern and a helping hand are not implied criticism. Most of the time we humans can use all the help we can get, and those who offer help are rarely intending an insult; they care—that’s all.

I WITNESS: Welcome to the new Theocratic States of America

Because every word of the Bible is divinely inspired, citizens of the Theocratic States of America will no longer be able to pick and choose which of God’s laws they obey.

In response to Carole Owens’ ‘Rents and rates’

Although longtime respected business owner and local plumbing and gas inspector Bob Gennari shares a last name with the Mill Pond Trailer Park mortgage holder, he does not now and never has held paper on or had any ownership association with the park.

Hamas charter invokes genocide against Israel and Jews

Accusations of Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people are both unfounded and completely naïve and show the ignorance of those who believe such nonsense.

Netanyahu needs to be brought to justice

Taking Netanyahu out of the equation in the Middle East would be the fastest way to keep the United States from getting into another protracted Middle Eastern war and save democracy in Israel.

CONNECTIONS: Rents and rates

Berkshire County property values are rising exponentially. That makes Berkshire County an attractive investment. We are attracting investors from outside our communities. They are single-minded.

Biden’s and Trump’s stances on healthcare and Medicare — fact vs. fiction

Which candidate has actually demonstrated that he will do the work to protect and expand healthcare? Since both Trump and Biden have served as president, their records offer every voter a window into what they would do if elected in November.