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Restoring and rebuilding a Dutch-English hybrid gambrel-roofed structure in a small town in Massachusetts

The owners decided on a renovation with nultiple new additions that followed the original elegant lines. This was a huge undertaking—it would take three years from beginning to end.


Bobby Houston, with his partner in Scout House Jennifer Bianco, remodeled the grand former home of opera diva Phyllis Curtin and turned a barn into a ballroom.

TRANSFORMATIONS: Legacy and lots of light

The goal for the house was that it should look and feel organic inside and out, like a part of nature that has always been there.

TRANSFORMATIONS: CSV@XXV—A 25-year design experiment

A designer’s “home-as-laboratory” distills five lessons to live by…beautifully.

TRANSFORMATIONS: Saving an old lady

Designer/developer Bobby Houston give "that big yellow thing" a new and better life.

TRANSFORMATIONS: Designing Children’s Spaces

Designer Jess Cooney explores the central problem of designing kids' spaces: how to design both for now and for when they grow older.

TRANSFORMATIONS: Life moves forward side by side

We knew it would make sense to buy the now empty house next door because our properties were so intimately touching, but it took 13 months of pondering, strategizing, walking away and letting go, until we saw a way to make it happen.

TRANSFORMATIONS: This Old Schoolhouse, Part II

Christopher Riggleman and Jonathon Loy, of Studio Riggleman, complete the process of transforming an old schoolhouse into a primary residence.

TRANSFORMATIONS: Saving the Old Schoolhouse in East Otis

There are still some people living among us today who attended this school in East Otis and may recall going out to the freezing privies in the winters when a wood stove heated the single classroom. Clark + Green Architects of Great Barrington are overseeing Phase One of the restoration, underway now, to save the building. Phase Two will restore the interior.


Living together, apart. An Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU, can offer many benefits to both the property owner and the community at large. The author shows several beautiful examples.

Past and Presentation

Originally part of Edith Wharton's estate at The Mount, the former barn and stables have been transformed by CLARK + GREEN INC into a gracious home which retains the history of the property and the character of the barn.

One Useless Room Solves Three Problems

Furniture isn’t the only thing you can rearrange inside your home. Designer Erica Fay shows us that you can also rearrange the rooms.

Turning a Victorian B&B into a beautiful home

My clients and I imagined a calming space to relax while listening to the Boston Symphony Orchestra Live from Tanglewood on the radio!

Time to update?

Designer Sue Schwarz recommends casting a fresh eye on your decor. Small changes can make big differences.

Great fun, but not as glamorous as it seems!

Designer Sue Schwarz reveals the true source of the satisfaction she derives from her work.

Good Bones!

Kerry Bartini, an architect at Berkshire Design, Inc., in Pittsfield, shows how easy it is to change living spaces when a structure has 'good bones.'

All Park and No Bite: How a SCREENED PORCH is a timeless solution to an age-old problem

For designer Ritch Holben, a screened porch is the most-requested feature in nearly every home he designs.