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Explore La Biennale Di Venezia 2024 on The Berkshire Edge!

I will be in residence in Venice from April 18th to May 29th. During my time in Venice, I will be a “roaming art reporter” for The Berkshire Edge. There are over 200 exhibitions being held throughout Venice during the Biennale, which translates into exciting art to show up in your morning edition of The Berkshire Edge.

REVIEW: Celtic Baroque band Makaris charms Mahaiwe crowd on St. Patrick’s Day presentation by Close Encounters with Music

They demonstrated their competence with musical forms that rely more on elegance than complexity to achieve their ends. And they succeeded in ways that some of their more "serious" works never could.

FILM REVIEW: ‘The Old Oak’ directed by Ken Loach

Loach has always believed (too sanguinely) in the power of the working class, but his recent work has been much less optimistic about the workers capacity to transform a recalcitrant social and political world.

AT THE TRIPLEX: The style and substance of Wong Kar-wai

Bold color schemes. Non-linear editing. A pop-song-studded soundtrack.

PREVIEW: Crescendo presents Carissimi’s “Jephte” and “Missa L’Homme armé”

This concert was scheduled for last year but was postponed and then rescheduled for this month. Click here  to see my original preview article...

Albany’s Spectrum 8 Theatre closed a month ago

You should consider a road trip to Saugerties this weekend.

THEATER REVIEW: Pauline Productions and Devereux Productions present ‘The Cemetery Club’ at the Ashfield Congregational Church through March 23

This is a nice way to spend an evening or an afternoon. You don’t have to be Jewish to get the jokes or understand the seriousness of the piece. You just have to be alive, alert, and maybe just a little bit needy.

PREVIEW: Tango band Cuarteto Rotterdam brings melancholy, desire, and defiance to The Foundry, Friday, March 22

"Cuarteto Rotterdam can with good reason be regarded as one of the best European tango ensembles." — TANGO Reporter

PREVIEW: Jazz at Lincoln Center musicians Bria Skonberg and Benny Benack III celebrate the Great American Songbook, March 23, at the Mahaiwe

These musicians will be backed on the 23rd by a rhythm section comprising Jocelyn Gould on guitar, Miki Yamanaka on piano, Charles Goold on drums, and Mark Lewandowski on bass.

PREVIEW: Running on Jackson tribute show at the Colonial Theatre on March 22

"Running on Empty," released in 1977, assured Jackson Browne a place in pop music history as one of the most iconic artists of his generation.

AT THE TRIPLEX: Stay afraid of Virginia Woolf

It might seem odd that a rating system that has become synonymous with sex and violence was brought about by a movie that’s essentially just four people talking.

John Fogerty, George Thorogood, Jon Batiste, Brandi Carlile, Roger Daltrey, KT Tunstall added to 2024 Tanglewood lineup

It is that time of year when winter is on the run, and Tanglewood announces new popular music bookings for the summer season.

How the Berkshires won at the Oscars

Norman Rockwell’s “Piano Tuner” appears in “The Last Repair Shop.”

THEATER REVIEW: ‘The Hot Wing King’ plays at Hartford Stage through March 24

Any play by Katori Hall is worth your time, and this one, with all of its peculiarities, is very much in that class.

PREVIEW: Close Encounters With Music presents Celtic Baroque band Makaris at the Mahaiwe on March 17

Their diversity of skills, backgrounds, and predilections is extraordinarily broad, and on stage, this seems to translate directly into the richly nuanced and spiritually unified musical performances they are known for.

Branching out: Poems about trees

Poetry about trees has appeared with frequency throughout the centuries. But among the greatest tree poets, and favorites of mine, are four modern voices: Robert Frost, Mary Oliver, A.E.Housman and Philip Larkin.

FILM REVIEW: ‘One Life’ directed by James Hawes

Neither the past nor present is treated with great psychological or political complexity in the film. The performances are uniformly first rate, but they demand little nuance.