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Berkshire weekly real estate sales, Jan. 25 – 31, 2016

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshires, as compiled by the Warren Group.


46 Grove St: Ronald T&H M Denault FT and Karen M. Bond of Adams to Michael W. and Kristy B. Meczywor, $190,000 on 01/29/2016

386 Old Columbia St: William E. and Earl L. Swartzer of Adams to John M. and Trina R. Farnam, $85,000 on 01/26/2016

3 Richmond St: USA HUD of Adams to Lan Mi, $14,985 on 01/29/2016

60 Willow St: Salisz NT and Eileen J. Lyons of Adams to Justin P. and Thomas P. Pelczynski, $152,500 on 01/29/2016


340 Pill Dr: Ruth K. Grossman of Becket to Randon and Karen Rugg, $329,000 on 01/26/2016


137 Main St: Laura J. Fitzgerald and Brenda Dorr of Cheshire to Luke S. Huska, $131,500 on 01/29/2016

155 School St: Cayla E. Talora of Cheshire to Matthew Jayko, $184,500 on 01/27/2016


217 South St: Bernice A. Noyes and US Bank NA Tr of Dalton to US Bank NA Tr, $108,599 on 01/27/2016


3 Partridge Dr: Frank P. and Thelma U. Reeves of Egremont to Martha Beyer, $250,000 on 01/25/2016

Great Barrington

1020 Main St: Athena RT and John C. Louw of Great Barrington to Benjamin E. Shalles and Amanda Love-Giracca, $210,000 on 01/29/2016

304 Park St N: Mark A. and Sarah G. Formel of Great Barrington to David Reed-Anderson and Gretchen J. Gnaedinger, $400,000 on 01/26/2016


20 Swamp Rd: Ronald W. Mercier of Lanesboro to John A. Ostellino, $172,000 on 01/29/2016


15 Summer St: FNMA of Lee to Jason Sonsini, $19,000 on 01/29/2016

New Marlborough

2020 Clayton Mill River Rd: Walter E. Deane and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of New Marlboro to FHLM, $30,181 on 01/29/2016

North Adams

26-28 Chase Ave: Diane Obrien of North Adams to William D. Archer and Arthur L. Debow, $45,000 on 01/28/2016

42 Cherry St: Mary Velgos RET and Mary W. Velgos of North Adams to Laylah Ali, $228,000 on 01/29/2016

55 College Ave: Helen R. and Hellen R. Boyle of North Adams to Joseph R. StPierre, $114,000 on 01/25/2016

9 Fairgrounds Ave: James M. Ostrowski of North Adams to Angela T. and A L. Saltamartini, $110,000 on 01/29/2016

25 Labonte Ave: Wayne R. Mineau of North Adams to Nicholas R. Mcclendon, $110,000 on 01/29/2016

813 W Shaft Rd: Richard W. Bostwick of North Adams to Northern Berkshire Habtat, $50,483 on 01/28/2016

47 Whitman St: Donald V. Girard and Greylock FCU of North Adams to Greylock FCU, $55,000 on 01/28/2016


271 New Hollywood Blvd: Thomas J. Ryan and US Bank NA Tr of Otis to US Bank NA Tr, $171,216 on 01/27/2016


246 Benedict Rd: VanHorn Dan L Est and Scalise Contracting Engin of Pittsfield to Jacob Trudeau, $12,000 on 01/29/2016

78 Harryel St: Kellie J. Ladouceur of Pittsfield to Michael L. Mcevoy, $153,500 on 01/26/2016

6 Juliana Dr: Amy T Jarck RET and Amy T. Jarck of Pittsfield to Justin P. and Jill A. Mckennon, $399,900 on 01/29/2016

31 Newell St: New England Remodeling of Pittsfield to Devin P. Vaccaro, $143,500 on 01/29/2016

31 Newell St: New England Remodeling of Pittsfield to New England Remodeling, $156,220 on 01/29/2016

14 Paisley Ter: Edward E. Schweizer and Cathryn M. Clary of Pittsfield to Gary J. and Karen L. Schneider, $290,000 on 01/29/2016

81 Parker St: Mary A. Andrews of Pittsfield to Felicity H. Wood, $92,000 on 01/29/2016

4 Parkside Ave: Andrea J. Babcock of Pittsfield to Michael C. Mongeon, $145,000 on 01/29/2016

40 Pollock Ave: Adrianne M. Grover of Pittsfield to Francese Family Realty, $45,000 on 01/29/2016

22 Trova Ter: Candace A. Hall of Pittsfield to Fran G. Zarubick, $269,000 on 01/29/2016

606 W Housatonic St: Susan M. Trudeau of Pittsfield to Brenna E. and Laura J. Dorr, $162,000 on 01/29/2016

790 West St: Hashim June F Est and John C. Hashim of Pittsfield to 790 West Street NT and John J. Martin, $900,000 on 01/29/2016


53 Reservoir Rd: Richard A. and Jane Mescon of Richmond to Andrew A. Schulman and Wendy Wolf, $650,000 on 01/29/2016


302 Old Main Rd: Paul G. Pinsonneault and Kathy A. Krutiak of Savoy to Derek K. and Lynn E. Pinsonneault, $120,000 on 01/27/2016


1435 Ashley Falls Rd: Lucille M. and Gary K. Carlson of Sheffield to David and Heather Ralph, $135,000 on 01/27/2016

350 S Undermountain Rd: David and Amy Lilienfeld of Sheffield to Arthur J. Frigault and Karen M. Heacox, $260,000 on 01/29/2016

West Stockbridge

6 Baker St: Jean A Gennari T and Pamela Bartlett of West Stockbridge to Sheena Gennari, $44,627 on 01/27/2016



17 River Pl: FNMA of Norfolk to Jennifer Hoyer, $18,750 on 01/20/2016

North Canaan

Carlson Rd: Ailee T. Carlson of North Canaan to Douglas J. and Crystalle S. Carlson, $160,000 on 01/25/2016

14 Grace Way: Hitbro Realty LLC of North Canaan to 2 Nickles LLC, $647,500 on 01/27/2016

39 Patty Ln: Jennifer D. and Pablo C. Ipuz of North Canaan to Victor M. and Dorotea M. Flores, $160,000 on 01/26/2016

5 Sodom Rd: Marjorie Stevenson-Hicks of North Canaan to Morick LLC, $75,000 on 01/21/2016

N/a: Guy S. and Mary L. Bradley of North Canaan to Douglas J. and Crystalle S. Carlson, $150,000 on 01/25/2016

Source: The Warren Group

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