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Berkshire region real estate sales, November 16 – 22, 2015

From the Warren Group the very latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshires, November 16 --22, 2015
Real estate transactions, November 16 – 22, 2015


3 Grant St: Christine A. Tanguay of Adams to Michael S. Bresett, $169,500 on 11/13/2015

9 Lincoln St: Gregory E. and David P. Kondel of Adams to Carol A. Kondel, $100,000 on 11/16/2015


381 Leonhardt Rd: Alan and Paula Halperin of Becket to Scott Hurwitz, $1,100,000 on 11/18/2015

29 Robin Hood Ln: Beverly Lennon of Becket to Chad and Juliane Moore, $148,500 on 11/13/2015

590 Yokum Pond Rd: Joel E. and Sandra Soffin of Becket to Michael and Deborah Levin, $315,000 on 11/13/2015


400 N Houghton St: Dan J. Brooks and Midfirst Bank of Clarksburg to Midfirst Bank, $21,675 on 11/19/2015

1104 River Rd: FNMA of Clarksburg to Erica L. Holman and Joseph A. Burnett, $53,000 on 11/20/2015


109 Carson Ave: Steven and Darlene Loring of Dalton to Cheng W. Zhu and Li Y. Li, $123,000 on 11/16/2015

135 N Mountain Rd: Jeannette M. Liu of Dalton to Gerald R. and Daryl V. Norton, $371,100 on 11/13/2015


14 Blackstone Rd: USDA of Florida to Timothy L. Therrien, $8,000 on 11/19/2015

Great Barrington

3 Copper Beech Ln Unit 3: MJJM LLC of Great Barrington to Louis A. Moscatello and Barbara Haubold, $410,000 on 11/20/2015

35 Mechanic St: Stephen L. Conte of Great Barrington to Howard Schneider and Sihame Keghida, $302,000 on 11/20/2015

101 Park St N: Patricia Hayden RET and Kara Hayden of Great Barrington to Joseph J. Muller and Jamie A. Mccormack, $87,500 on 11/17/2015


32 Linden Ln: Stanley S. Dudziak of Hinsdale to Christine A. Tanguay, $179,999 on 11/13/2015

40 Old Windsor Rd: Joel L. and Julia A. Whitcomb of Hinsdale to Philip W. Wicker, $150,000 on 11/16/2015

68 Shore Dr: Barbara A. Adams and Donna M. Connelly of Hinsdale to Anthony L. Allegrone, $315,000 on 11/16/2015


31 Glassworks Rd: Timothy P. and Linda L. Tracy of Lanesboro to Melissa Quirk-Cairns, $240,000 on 11/13/2015

16 Grove Ave: Deborah Bliss of Lanesboro to Jena Messana and Michael A. Furforo, $155,000 on 11/13/2015

185 Narragansett Ave: Mark A. Messana and Darlene G. Renzi of Lanesboro to F F. and Babak Sadri-Azarbayejani, $335,000 on 11/13/2015


6 Rolling Hls Unit 3: Edith B. Kaye of Lenox to Linda F. and M David Burghardt, $165,000 on 11/20/2015

5 Wexford Ct Unit 3: John J. Guinan and Ellen Harrison of Lenox to Stephen and Judith Sultan, $295,000 on 11/16/2015


4 Stratford Ln: Reine Stempa of Monterey to Garry and Donna Klein, $447,500 on 11/13/2015

North Adams

211 Houghton St: Mari 7 LLC of North Adams to Lakeside Portfolio Mgmt, $8,250 on 11/17/2015

266 Kemp Ave: AB RT and Elizabeth M. Petri of North Adams to Kyle D. and Brian Shepard, $160,000 on 11/13/2015

60 Marietta St: Mary E. Cohane and Mark B. Ricker of North Adams to Valerie L. Shields, $138,000 on 11/19/2015

1428 Massachusetts Ave: Trustco Bank of North Adams to Blackinton Mill LLC, $23,600 on 11/18/2015

1428 Massachusetts Ave: Sarah Sawyer and Trustco Bank of North Adams to Trustco Bank, $59,000 on 11/18/2015

751 Mohawk Trl Unit 1d: Suzette T. Lemieux of North Adams to Brian M. and Barbara A. Allard, $145,000 on 11/18/2015


256 Long Mountain Rd: Anita W Graber T and Anita W. Graber of Otis to Sotirios Liatsos, $221,500 on 11/17/2015

42 S Gate Island Rd: John Brandon-Benevento and Chandra Benevento of Otis to David and Carol L. Fishman, $650,000 on 11/20/2015


44 Albro St: Patricia Franco and James Quinlan of Pittsfield to Alexander E. and Kristina M. Mensah, $142,000 on 11/17/2015

404 Dalton Ave: Maria A. Collias of Pittsfield to Timothy P. and Linda L. Tracy, $120,000 on 11/13/2015

182 E New Lenox Rd: Thomas W. Dellert of Pittsfield to Fernando Vasconcelos and Alba Sanchez, $172,000 on 11/16/2015

14 Joan Dr: Deirdre D. Carter of Pittsfield to Stephen L. Conte, $170,000 on 11/20/2015

25 Parker St: Carol A Mccabe RET and Ashley M. Southard of Pittsfield to Michelle and Theresa M. Gage, $109,500 on 11/17/2015

11 Revere Pkwy: Michael J. and Kathleen E. Bunn of Pittsfield to Christopher Holmes, $163,500 on 11/13/2015

95 Ridgeway Ave: Laitala Alpo K Est and Nelson Furlano of Pittsfield to Brent M. Boos, $155,000 on 11/13/2015

14 Springside Ave: Wendy S. Mucinski and Santander Bank NA of Pittsfield to Cheshire Green LLC, $61,000 on 11/17/2015

18 Wilson St: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to Inmer Bernabel and Bartola I. Orellana, $40,000 on 11/19/2015


545 Canaan Rd: Louis V. and Judith A. Levesque of Richmond to Mark G. and Lynne M. Degiacomo, $415,000 on 11/13/2015

33 E Beach Rd: Connee W. Kaufman of Richmond to 33 East Beach Lane LLC, $250,000 on 11/20/2015


119 Sandy Brook Tpke: Dirgo Katherine B Est and Michael D. Babey of Sandisfield to M&R White Properties LLC, $125,000 on 11/16/2015


445 Hewins St: Gretchen M Hayes NT and Gretchen M. Hayes of Sheffield to Jeffrey J. Crampton, $435,000 on 11/19/2015

1350 Home Rd: Zbigniew F. and Rose L. Glaszcz of Sheffield to Jake E. Hunker, $60,000 on 11/20/2015


19 Hawthorne Rd Unit B1: B Elizabeth Weiser T and B Elizabeth Weiser of Stockbridge to Stephen M&H R Sacks RET and Stephen M. Sacks, $582,500 on 11/18/2015

9 Mahkeenac Rd: Laura Shack of Stockbridge to David Shack, $833,500 on 11/20/2015

2 Wallace Rd Unit 2w: Alberni Holdings Inc of Stockbridge to Collin Lovas and Richard W. Smith, $240,000 on 11/16/2015


60 Baxter Rd: Leonard A. and Ling M. Poliandro of Williamstown to James A. Manigualt-Bryant and L S. Manigault-Bryant, $473,000 on 11/13/2015

114 Berkshire Dr: Damon Reed RET and Damon Reed of Williamstown to Wise FT and Charlene C. Wise, $345,165 on 11/16/2015

73 Bulkley St: Paul Neely RET and Paul Neely of Williamstown to Carol Miller and Richard Levy, $510,000 on 11/13/2015

10 Ide Rd: Morse FT and Julie S. Morse of Williamstown to Russell W. and Christina L. Howard, $625,000 on 11/20/2015

70 Ide Rd: Catherine M. Yamamoto of Williamstown to Joseph E. Sheehan and Shaun M. Omears-Sheehan, $1,200,000 on 11/16/2015

796 Main St: Elizabeth B Williams RET and Elizabeth B. Williams of Williamstown to Joseph C. Bergeron and Geraldine Y. Shen, $649,000 on 11/17/2015

475 Water St: Victor M. Lucier of Williamstown to Kara A. Mears, $147,000 on 11/13/2015



157 Canaan Rd: John R. and Shirley R. Hurley of Salisbury to Thomas C. Hackett, $175,000 on 11/24/2015

19 Ohara Ln: Maria F. Mccabe of Salisbury to Paul G. and Julie A. Lang, $40,000 on 11/18/2015


33 Tichnor Rd: Scott D. Dragoo of Sharon to Betsy L. Billard, $845,000 on 11/23/2015

32 Windy Rdg: William J. Hochswender of Sharon to Carrie E. Guillory, $250,000 on 11/23/2015

Source: The Warren Group

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