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Berkshire region real estate sales, July 26 – August 2, 2015

The latest Berkshire region real estate transactions as reported by the Warren Group.
Berkshire County


45 Enterprise St: Michele Bard and Greylock FCU of Adams to Greylock FCU, $103,000 on 07/31/2015

4 Glenn St: Christopher J. Kurek of Adams to Dennis E. Cook and Stella L. Trudeau, $60,000 on 07/31/2015

46 Highland Ave: Annette Desautels of Adams to Timothy J. and Sharon J. Mahoney, $187,000 on 07/30/2015


25 Crooked Hill Rd: Dean Heal of Alford to Enrico Hinz, $350,000 on 07/28/2015


11 Lakeshore Dr: Robert G. and Diane Ciemniewski of Becket to Benjamin D. and Ana L. Oconnell, $148,000 on 07/27/2015


25 Briggs Dr: Michael S. and Jennifer E. Nykorchuck of Cheshire to Jason D. and Heidi L. Dickerson, $392,500 on 07/28/2015

145 Main St: Aaron M. and Margaret Tracy of Cheshire to Adams Community Bank, $123,900 on 07/27/2015

153 Main St: Aaron M. and Margaret Tracy of Cheshire to Adams Community Bank, $123,900 on 07/27/2015


82 Anthony Rd: Timothy R. Nichols and Bethany R. Smith of Dalton to Betsy E. Spiess, $227,000 on 07/30/2015

60 North St Unit 7: Anna G. Foss of Dalton to David T. and Terri A. Comalli, $116,000 on 07/31/2015

38 Pease Ave: David N. Gilmore of Dalton to Erin-Lynn Robinson, $124,900 on 07/30/2015

40 Richard Dr: David V. and Debra A. Belland of Dalton to David T. and Tracy A. Taylor, $240,000 on 07/29/2015


172 Egremont Plain Rd: David D Siegel LT and Rosemarie D. Siegel of Egremont to Ronald L. and Mary A. Brazie, $200,000 on 07/29/2015

181 Hillsdale Rd: George W. Caldwell of Egremont to Hilary A. Sutcliffe, $247,500 on 07/28/2015


56 Mohawk Trl: Greylock FCU of Florida to Emily Briggs, $52,000 on 07/28/2015

Great Barrington

1074 Main St: Peter F. and Carolyn L. Troiano of Great Barrington to David F. Troiano, $182,000 on 07/27/2015

10 Mountain St: Parsons Risingdale NT and William J. Parsons of Great Barrington to Moses Nutsugah, $170,000 on 07/31/2015

337 State Rd: Henry Ferlauto of Great Barrington to Joshua and Dorothy N. Plumb, $580,000 on 07/30/2015


47 Jericho Rd: Nancy Cook of Hancock to Marc D. and Judith L. Toonkel, $345,000 on 07/31/2015


62 Old State Rd: Brady Dorothy J Est and Lisa K. Hartnett of Lanesboro to William J. and Victoria A. Cook, $128,000 on 07/30/2015


225 Prospect St: Boynton Corinne D Est and Debra A. Snow of Lee to Michael Gervasi, $235,000 on 07/31/2015

290 Prospect St: Michael D. and Melissa J. Scolforo of Lee to Christina M. Bona, $185,000 on 07/30/2015

60 Stockbridge Ter Unit 60: Temple Beth El Boca Raton of Lee to Richard M. and Judith E. Jacobs, $662,000 on 07/28/2015

70 Summer St: Mark E. Svenson of Lee to Travis A. Toole and Heather A. Southard-Toole, $176,000 on 07/31/2015


33 Fairwynds Dr Unit 33: Donald K. Richter and Jane E. Gilligan of Lenox to Amy L Kohan T and Amy L. Kohan, $800,000 on 07/28/2015


11 Sylvan Rd: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Monterey to David Birch and Cindy Chew, $430,000 on 07/27/2015

New Marlborough

35 Canaan Southfield Rd: Brian and Tracey Fahey of New Marlboro to John Eastman and Anh-Thu Nguyen, $370,000 on 07/27/2015

North Adams

106 Pleasant St: Michael J. and Marie B. Mccarron of North Adams to Raymond and Claire M. Shartrand, $1,000 on 07/30/2015

243 Union St Unit 301: Wayne Hopkins and Cathy Wysocki of North Adams to Jesse Freidin, $252,500 on 07/31/2015

115 W Main St: Barbara A. Primmer of North Adams to David Sacco, $50,000 on 07/28/2015


32 S Main Rd: Peter Kegler and Lee Bank of Otis to Lee Bank, $100,000 on 07/31/2015


147 Alfred Dr: Nicholas E. and Susan A. Ingui of Pittsfield to Michael S. and Jennifer E. Nykorchuck, $330,000 on 07/28/2015

210 Allengate Ave: Kortney E. Gardner of Pittsfield to Robert A. and Mary C. Campoli, $135,500 on 07/31/2015

238 Allengate Ave: Matthew J. and Kelly T. Grech of Pittsfield to Sarah P. Dietz, $137,000 on 07/31/2015

130 Alpine Trl Unit 130: Pines At Bousquet Mtn NT and J P. Campoli of Pittsfield to Howard J. and Lorraine S. Schumacher, $492,135 on 07/31/2015

585 Benedict Rd: Antonio R. Rincon and Allison Walsh of Pittsfield to Jason A. and Rebecca J. Meaney, $316,000 on 07/31/2015

159 Brighton Ave: Randy M. and Jessica E. Girard of Pittsfield to Kortney E. Gardner, $165,000 on 07/31/2015

105 Cadwell Rd Unit 105: Shirley L. Vickery of Pittsfield to Lisa P. Codella, $114,900 on 07/30/2015

37 Churchill Crst Unit 37: Norman S. and Joyce Brett of Pittsfield to Richard R. Gillespie, $121,000 on 07/30/2015

25 Club Cir: Jon M. and Lila Z. Probstein of Pittsfield to Victor D. Nussbaum and Karen S. Margolis, $149,000 on 07/31/2015

230 Columbus Ave: Robert A. Campoli of Pittsfield to Jean D. and Brenda Bede, $144,200 on 07/31/2015

56 Crystal St: Robert and James Briggs of Pittsfield to Kimberly and Michelle Sawyer-Wheeler, $152,400 on 07/31/2015

33 Dalton Ave: Wilmington T NA Tr of Pittsfield to Artur Muszynski, $35,500 on 07/31/2015

1836 East St: Sophie M. Murphy of Pittsfield to William D. Kerwood, $138,000 on 07/31/2015

353 Elm St: Jason and Heidi Dickerson of Pittsfield to Aaron V. and Maureen A. Garner, $270,000 on 07/28/2015

15 Fairfield St: Donna M. Lamke and Darlene M. Bry of Pittsfield to John H. and Donna M. Lamke, $59,000 on 07/31/2015

56 Farnsworth Ter: Timothy J. and Cheryl A. Tierney of Pittsfield to Adrienne A. Jozefiak, $172,000 on 07/31/2015

101 Gamwell Ave: Aaron V. and Maureen A. Garner of Pittsfield to Patrick J. Geary, $139,400 on 07/28/2015

35 Glenwood Ave: Cheshire Green LLC of Pittsfield to Northeastern RET and Geraldine M. Gian, $179,000 on 07/30/2015

67 Hazelwood Ter: Christina M. Canty of Pittsfield to Jennifer W. Lyon, $177,400 on 07/31/2015

22 Marlboro Dr: Naomi A Schwartz T and Naomi A. Schwartz of Pittsfield to David B. and Debra A. Belland, $215,000 on 07/29/2015

57 Mckinley Ter: Robert R. and Ruth D. Kirkman of Pittsfield to US Bank NA, $131,583 on 07/27/2015

11 Michael Dr: Paul E. Corbosiero and Cheryl A. Gilbert of Pittsfield to Daniele Pocay, $185,000 on 07/28/2015

58 Quirico Dr: Jean J. Donlon of Pittsfield to Jacob M. Brooks and Kaitlyn A. Genzabella, $185,000 on 07/30/2015

14 Richard Dr: Despina S. Giftos of Pittsfield to Margaret M. Morrison, $235,000 on 07/30/2015

51 Sheffield St: Louis H. and Carol A. Carey of Pittsfield to Corey R. Lyon, $135,000 on 07/30/2015

43 Walden Ln: Susan J. Tousignant of Pittsfield to Jon P. and Joyce E. Mcguire, $230,000 on 07/31/2015

347 Williams St: Richard J. Belair of Pittsfield to Scott M. Hedges, $225,000 on 07/31/2015


1160 Main Rd: Alesia A. Corbett of Savoy to Randy S. and Michelle Y. Daniels, $155,000 on 07/29/2015


412 Clayton Rd: Nadine Hottat and Marsha A. Altemus of Sheffield to Walter T. Carey and Nina R. Pixley, $204,000 on 07/29/2015

151 Miller Ave: Dianne W. and D W. Griffith of Sheffield to Tracey J. Fahey, $282,500 on 07/27/2015


41 Main St Unit 4: Fitzpatrick Holdings LLC of Stockbridge to Sharon A. Jones, $85,000 on 07/27/2015


63-a Goose Pond Rd: Susan P. Cooper of Tyringham to Mark H. and Judy L. Usow, $640,000 on 07/28/2015


14 Holly Ln: S R. Rand and Kelly M. Pask of Williamstown to Matthew S. and Helaine C. Mcconnell, $439,000 on 07/28/2015

215 Stratton Rd Unit A: Helen H D Smith NT and Helen H. Smith of Williamstown to David and Jane D. Carver, $250,000 on 07/30/2015

5 White Oaks Rd: Cheryl Lavery of Williamstown to Caroline Bartlett, $145,000 on 07/31/2015

31 White Oaks Rd: Lori M Kapiloff RET and Lori M. Kapiloff of Williamstown to Matthew M. and Stephanie A. Mcmahon, $236,000 on 07/31/2015



1 Great Elm Rd Unit 3: Macdavis Properties LLC of Sharon to Anita Carr-Shapiro and Harvey Shapiro, $618,000 on 07/27/2015

Source: The Warren Group

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