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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

Massachusetts, March 1 – March 8


5 Cedar Lane: Thomas E. Dubis and Susan Cadieux of Adams to Nicholas K. Kordana and Kevin Kordana, $189,000 on 03/05/2024

24 Country Club Avenue: Glenn R. Labelle and Td Bank Na of Adams to Td Bank Na, $126,988 on 03/08/2024

45 Burt Street: Carrie L. Nowicki of Adams to Carmen Fago, $177,000 on 03/07/2024

45 East Street: Redesigned Dwelllings LLC of Adams to Emily Martinez, $250,000 on 03/08/2024


1034 Benton Hill Road: Kyle T. Bailey of Becket to Noah Baumwoll, $279,000 on 03/05/2024


100 Lake Shore Drive: Sandra Kristensen and William G. Kristensen of Cheshire to Carol Gould, $200,000 on 03/08/2024


34 River Street: David G. Dyer of Dalton to Royanne L. Jordao, $20,000 on 03/07/2024

79 Flansburg Avenue: Wayne R. Carver of Dalton to Chad Gingras, $227,000 on 03/08/2024

88 Warren Avenue: E J. Friedman and Stephanie Friedman of Dalton to Mathieu C. Brzostek and Lauren H. Vene, $184,000 on 03/08/2024


14 Pine Crest Cross Road: Richard L. Stern of Egremont to 17 Sheffield Rd LLC, $1,150,000 on 03/07/2024


62 Curtis Street: Gregory W. Duguay of Hinsdale to Augustus J. Schnopp 4th and Congetta M. Wagner, $245,000 on 03/04/2024

231 Ashmere Road: Patricia A. Malanson of Hinsdale to Gardner Int and John L. Gardner, $364,000 on 03/08/2024


1155 N Main Street: Old Williamstown Rlty LLC of Lanesboro to Thomas S. Hodgson and Susan B. Hodgson, $120,000 on 03/05/2024


90 Maple Street: Cathy A. Willias and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Lee to Wicked Deals LLC, $117,000 on 03/05/2024


Evergreen #1: Jill A Wollins RET and Jill A. Wollins of Lenox to Hangyan Luo, $627,000 on 03/07/2024

6 Tucker Street: North Sandy Brook LLC of Lenox to Michelle P Looney RET and Michelle P. Looney, $275,000 on 03/07/2024

New Marlboro

48 Cross Road To Canaan: Janine S. Begasse of New Marlboro to Bradley J. Sanzenbacher and Jamison N. Herbert, $896,000 on 03/08/2024

North Adams

68 Autumn Drive: Gregor Bernard and Gretchen Jennings of North Adams to Debra A. Witting, $275,000 on 03/08/2024

69 Notch Road: James Wolfe and Eileen Tobin of North Adams to Richard Wolfe, $260,000 on 03/01/2024

88 Beaver Street: Laurie Gancarz and Lisa Haskell of North Adams to Jeffrey Wlodyka Jr and Renee Wlodyka, $74,523 on 03/01/2024

138 E Quincy Street: N Adams Town Of of North Adams to Noyes Brenda, $1 on 03/04/2024

203 Church Street: Belvedere Dev Co LLC of North Adams to Bella Art LLC, $340,000 on 03/01/2024

243 Union Street #307: North Adams Loft Nomiee T and Marjorie Minki of North Adams to John C. Hotchkiss and Nancy C. Hotchkiss, $400,000 on 03/06/2024


759 N Main Road #1-8: Melaine Brochu of Otis to Norman Leitch and Clleen Leitch, $94,501 on 03/08/2024


9 Zoar Street: Lisa A. Martin of Pittsfield to Alona B. Humphries and Jennifer E. Humpshire, $170,000 on 03/08/2024

10 Applewood Lane #10: Michael P. Daly of Pittsfield to Nancy R Seguin Lt and Nancy R. Seguin, $330,000 on 03/01/2024

15 Bernard Avenue: Charles R. Frank and Berkshire Bank of Pittsfield to Namv Investments LLC, $140,000 on 03/01/2024

19 Roselyn Drive: Allen C. Scaccia of Pittsfield to Frank M. Savino and Avetlana Chartier, $345,000 on 03/01/2024

52 Merriam Street: Amber E. Steele and Pennymac Loan Svcs LLC of Pittsfield to Carlos Rigonato and Marcio J. Dasilva, $135,000 on 03/05/2024

71 Strong Avenue: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Adam E. Ackerley, $1 on 03/08/2024

78 Lafayette Street: Us Bk As Cust For To 2018 of Pittsfield to Joanne M. Alger and Steven B. Alger, $1 on 03/05/2024

82 Lyman Street: Stephen J. Demastrie of Pittsfield to Hurricane Properties LLC, $170,000 on 03/07/2024

113 E Housatonic Street: Blalock Thomas J Est and Nancy J. Bowman of Pittsfield to Caddy Hall LLC, $355,000 on 03/06/2024

139 King Street: William M. Bourassa and Kerry M. Bourassa of Pittsfield to Mark R. Liby, $155,000 on 03/01/2024

180 Brown Street: Tributary Ventures LLC of Pittsfield to Nikolaos Dionysopoulos, $134,000 on 03/08/2024

189 Mohegan Street: Steven R. Cobb and Debra A. Cobb of Pittsfield to Donald Menard and Gail Broderick, $95,000 on 03/08/2024

312 Dalton Division Road: Jonathan Laplante of Pittsfield to Thiago A. Deliveira and Fabiana Deoliviera, $558,400 on 03/08/2024

319 Fenn Street: Vincenzo Papa and Jo Papa of Pittsfield to Tony Sonsini, $339,900 on 03/01/2024


280 Middlefield Road: Carig A. Walton and Dorothy G. Walton of Washington to Shani King and Gabriela Ruiz, $484,000 on 03/08/2024


539 Flintstone Road: Patricia L. Beaulieu of Windsor to Michael Anthony and Ashleigh Anthony, $225,000 on 03/04/2024

Connecticut, February 23 – March 8


11 Chiswick Lane: Chantal F. Brefort of Barkhamsted to Safraz Bakhsh, $440,000 on 03/04/2024

424 E River Road: Susan Lurvey of Barkhamsted to Quin LLC, $90,900 on 03/06/2024

424 E River Road: Lurvey Arthur Est and Susan Lurvey of Barkhamsted to Quin LLC, $90,900 on 03/06/2024


63 Cobb City Road: Mills Richard J Est and Jeffrey Mills of Colebrook to Jacob D. Fragale, $350,000 on 03/04/2024

New Hartford

218 Holcomb Hill Road: Nicholas C. Watson and Vanessa R. Watson of New Hartford to Thomas Bryant and Renee Bryant, $415,000 on 02/26/2024

531 Main Street: Team John Foundation Inc of New Hartford to Suad Sabovic, $55,555 on 02/26/2024


22 Upper Main Street #A: New Sharon Green LLC of Sharon to Ebenezer Hldg LLC, $190,500 on 03/05/2024

22 Upper Main Street #C: New Sharon Green LLC of Sharon to Ebenezer Hldg LLC, $136,400 on 03/05/2024

22 Upper Main Street #D: New Sharon Green LLC of Sharon to Ebenezer Hldg LLC, $234,800 on 03/05/2024

22 Upper Main Street #A: New Sharon Green LLC of Sharon to Ebenezer Hldg LLC, $981,900 on 03/05/2024

22 Upper Main Street #B: New Sharon Green LLC of Sharon to Ebenezer Hldg LLC, $222,750 on 03/05/2024

22 Upper Main Street #E: New Sharon Green LLC of Sharon to Ebenezer Hldg LLC, $245,900 on 03/05/2024


2 Perkins Street #9: K&r Realty LLC of Torrington to Patricia Pudlinski, $141,000 on 03/08/2024

14 Culvert Street: Silver Dev LLC of Torrington to Joyann Thompson, $257,000 on 03/08/2024

17 Woodbine Street: 17 Woodbine LLC of Torrington to Properties 88 LLC, $96,700 on 03/04/2024

26 Pine Street: Bruce Botelho of Torrington to Zorys LLC, $300,000 on 03/05/2024

31 Fowler Avenue: Paolo A. Pino of Torrington to Bopta Ky and Monika Ky, $245,000 on 03/04/2024

40 Elmira Avenue: Michelle L. Bennett of Torrington to Stephen T. Pfeffer, $235,000 on 03/04/2024

40 Fairmount Avenue: Anthony Puzinski of Torrington to Ashley A. Santopietro, $185,000 on 03/05/2024

49 Nutmeg Drive: Johnathan M. Dixon and Courtnie M. Shields of Torrington to Alex Kachevsky, $250,000 on 03/04/2024

75 Calhoun Street: Torrington Prop Hldg LLC of Torrington to Leon Minevich, $390,000 on 03/04/2024

84 Amherst Street: Bisciotti Ralph W Est and Nina M. Bisciotti of Torrington to Michael A. Woodworth and Christine Woodworth, $230,000 on 03/04/2024

104 Hillside Avenue #104: Lisa A. Soliani and Michael J. Soliani of Torrington to Mary B. Giroux, $195,000 on 03/05/2024

195 Northside Drive: Ella E. Fleming of Torrington to Nuno Pinho, $235,621 on 03/07/2024

316 White Pine Road: Lurana S. Snow of Torrington to Matthew R. Jancewicz, $350,000 on 03/04/2024

333 Hillside Avenue #7: Treglia Mark A Est and Ann M. Treglia of Torrington to Brett S. Connors, $135,000 on 03/04/2024


93 Sunny Ridge Drive: Jeremiah F. Nonamaker of Winchester to Elenita G. Monamaker, $86,000 on 02/23/2024

123 Skinner Road: Robert T. Mccartney and Kristin Mccartney of Winchester to Michael Garcia and Lisa M. Garcia, $372,000 on 02/27/2024

153 Mathew Road: Stacy Larosa of Winchester to Rjbnad LLC, $175,000 on 02/26/2024

188 E Lake Street: Cascade Funding Mtg T of Winchester to Anna Simard, $185,000 on 02/28/2024

New York, February 26 – February 29


19 Reardon York: Susan Hall and Leah Casucci of Canaan to Eric C. Levesque, $380,000 on 02/26/2024


103 Jefferson Road: Phyllis H Shadic Ft and Randall W. Shadic of Copake to Suzanne Carpenter, $255,000 on 02/29/2024


141 Soller Heights Road: Virginia Benedict and Constance A. Fielder of Ghent to Federal Hm Ln Mtg Corp, $207,140 on 02/27/2024


14 Anthony Street: Karin M. Newman of Hillsdale to 14 Anthony Street LLC, $300,000 on 02/28/2024

172 W End Road: 172 West End Road LLC of Hillsdale to Derek L. Shaffer and Meredith L. Shaffer, $110,000 on 02/29/2024


92 N 7th Street: Paul D. Hanway of Hudson to Tarik Meertins and Likisha C. Waithe, $350,000 on 02/26/2024

225 Robinson Street: Dana D. Blackmon and Clyde H. Avery Jr of Hudson to Us Bk Tr Natl Assn, $79,082 on 02/27/2024

402 Washington Street: Mariano Testa of Hudson to Deborah Mccormick, $999,000 on 02/29/2024

414 State Street: Hudson City Of of Hudson to George Kroenert and Angelyn Chandler, $10,000 on 02/28/2024


10 Majestic Drive: Robert H. Motzer of Stockport to Antoinette S. Wisdom, $260,000 on 02/28/2024


205 Sopok Road: Edward F. Waldron and Michelle Waldron of Taghkanic to Jesse Dattore and Leann Nichols, $375,000 on 02/27/2024

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