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Berkshire Real Estate transactions April 11 through 17, 2015

The latest Berkshire real estate transactions, reported Friday, May 1, from the Warren Group.


1 East Rd: Adams Community Bank of Adams to Thomas B. and Cheryl D. Whalen, $150,000 on 04/17/2015


176 Alan A Dale Dr: Daniel G. and Robert A. Forster of Becket to Judith E. and Joseph E. Gagnon, $132,500 on 04/14/2015

43 Bracken Ln: Andrew A. Digiorgio of Becket to Barbara C. and Steven Reiss, $370,000 on 04/14/2015


129 Wells Rd: Mary A. Manning and Greenwich Investors 34 of Cheshire to Greenwich Investors 34, $96,330 on 04/13/2015


150 North St Unit H: Matthew H. Johnson of Dalton to Bonnie J. Dargie-Schott and Andrew C. Schott, $108,000 on 04/14/2015

85 Pine St: George Keil and Greylock FCU of Dalton to Andrew W. and John A. Kelly, $50,000 on 04/15/2015

Great Barrington

39 Castle Hill Ave: Agnes Z Cobb RET and Christopher C. Cobb of Great Barrington to Marc and Eileen Rosenthal, $450,000 on 04/15/2015

18 Meadow St: Nancy S. Colozzi of Great Barrington to Housatonic Holdings 2 LLC, $130,000 on 04/14/2015


141 Old State Rd: Jacob Belanger of Lanesboro to Pensco T Co, $45,000 on 04/13/2015

141 Old State Rd: Debra Descognets and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Lanesboro to Jacob Belanger, $45,000 on 04/13/2015


880 East St Unit D: Graham D. and Rachael Clarke of Lee to Per O. Wahlstrom and Marica L. Steere, $181,900 on 04/14/2015

120 Summer St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Lee to Thomas F. Donahue, $51,000 on 04/14/2015


9 Rolling Hls Unit 8: Devora U. and Hunter Sharp of Lenox to Stanley E. Spencer and Jan L. Charbonneau, $170,000 on 04/15/2015

333 W Mountain Rd: Todd M. and Kelly D. Stevens of Lenox to Lenox National Bank, $293,549 on 04/13/2015


28 Bidwell Rd: Alan Z. and Erma Kranz of Monterey to Peter Frank and Kathleen Triem, $360,000 on 04/13/2015

16 Point Rd: Stephanie B. and Michael A. Sloane of Monterey to Stanley G. and Debra G. Lee, $545,000 on 04/17/2015

North Adams

21 Chesbro Ave: Rochelle Bunt of North Adams to Christina L. and Scott D. Embry, $122,500 on 04/17/2015

295 Houghton St: Jeffrey J. and Kelly M. Kemp of North Adams to Dennis L. Thomas and Marguerite A. Montgomery, $159,900 on 04/17/2015

48 Porter St: Adams Community Bank of North Adams to Amigo Properties Inc, $85,000 on 04/17/2015


339 Barker Rd: Jan L. Charbonneau and Stanley E. Spencer of Pittsfield to Edward A. and Patricia A. Chagnon, $232,450 on 04/15/2015

53 Boylston St: Curran Patricia A Est and David F. Curran of Pittsfield to Kenneth W. and Ramona R. Porter, $133,000 on 04/17/2015

33 Dalton Ave: Joanne C. Kozik and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Pittsfield to Wilmington Trust NA Tr, $121,992 on 04/14/2015

35 Flintstone Dr: Nazih K. and Norma M. Shammas of Pittsfield to Kurt and Daralyn Hospot, $220,000 on 04/14/2015

17 Harding St: William T. and Miranda L. Rodhouse of Pittsfield to Kelly K. Samuels, $159,000 on 04/17/2015

42 Linn St: Francis N. and Paula M. Mangiardi of Pittsfield to Michael P. Boucher, $164,000 on 04/17/2015

75 Maryland Ave: Anissa M. Borezoski of Pittsfield to Gregory A. Wolf, $126,000 on 04/16/2015

366 Newell St: Sharon Mack of Pittsfield to Greylock FCU, $173,263 on 04/14/2015

765 North St: Barbe Nancy F Est and Stephen Frydel of Pittsfield to Berkshire Medical Center, $158,000 on 04/15/2015

215 Partridge Rd: Michele A. Ladouceur of Pittsfield to Richard G. Boucher and Candace A. Thayer, $199,000 on 04/17/2015

102 Plunkett St: FNMA of Pittsfield to Jonathan Pierce, $42,500 on 04/16/2015


576 Loop Rd: Gloria J. Martel and Fred C. Kaczowski of Savoy to Benjamin H. Fournier, $131,500 on 04/17/2015


11 Prospect Hill Rd Unit 3: Chloe A. Nassau of Stockbridge to Patrice D. and James D. Whaling, $340,000 on 04/13/2015


13 Grundy Ct: Charles W. Fox of Williamstown to Austin K. Shea, $205,000 on 04/15/2015

Source: The Warren Group


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