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Berkshire real estate sales: Week of Sept. 14 through Sept. 20, 2015

The latest weekly report of real estate transactions in the Berkshires: September 14 through 20, 2015
Berkshire region real estate transactions: Sept. 14 through 20, 2015


17 West Rd: Nicholas A. and Geralyn M. Delnegro of Adams to Mary L. Hibbard and Paula Sainz, $169,900 on 09/18/2015


693 George Carter Rd: Martin C M Est and Arthur G. Martin of Becket to John C. and Stephanie Z. Kluka, $265,000 on 09/17/2015

304 S Cove Rd: Scott J. Budde and Charlotte F. Cole of Becket to Gregory G. Regan and Gail M. Valentin, $429,000 on 09/18/2015

436 Sherwood Dr: Trevor P. Volastro of Becket to Richard G. Shrum, $305,000 on 09/18/2015


43-45 Crane Ave: Crane & Co Inc of Dalton to Colleen A. Salvini, $105,000 on 09/18/2015

61 Eleanor Rd: Wayne A. and Bonnie L. Eastwood of Dalton to Carissa N. Calderwood, $122,000 on 09/17/2015

72 Meadow Dr: Anderson Leonard E Est and Maryellen A. Prescott of Dalton to James A. and Kathleen M. Harper, $229,000 on 09/15/2015

7 Pease Ave: Karen D. Claramunt-Fortier of Dalton to Jenna M. Savoy, $130,000 on 09/17/2015

4 Warren Ave: Janice E. Ward of Dalton to Victor S. Ruiz, $122,000 on 09/18/2015

Great Barrington

6 Mountain St: Zanin FT and John R. Zanin of Great Barrington to Kristen Ryel, $185,000 on 09/18/2015


9014 Mountainside Unit 9014: Brian J. and Nicole M. Machale of Hancock to Van S. and Geraldine Stevens, $549,000 on 09/18/2015

9093 Mountainside Unit 9093: Denise P Lynch LT and Denise P. Lynch of Hancock to Andrew A. and Renee C. Marquardt, $315,000 on 09/18/2015


181 Longview Ave: James E. and Carrie L. Bourdon of Hinsdale to James R. Bush, $104,500 on 09/16/2015


9 Balance Rock Rd: William D. and Barbara J. Hinchliffe of Lanesboro to Nancy Sommer, $157,000 on 09/18/2015

70 Balance Rock Rd: Martha R. Brown and George T. Wheeler of Lanesboro to Scott M. and Eric J. Wheeler, $40,000 on 09/15/2015


690 East St: Arthur W. and Carol Wheeler of Lee to Charles and Cristina Markham, $150,000 on 09/17/2015

455 Spring St: Elizabeth A. Oheaney of Lee to Zhong X. and Shi W. Chen, $320,000 on 09/17/2015

15 Via Maria: Michael E. Bielski of Lee to Muhammad Zia, $325,000 on 09/18/2015


1 Rolling Hls Unit 1: Howard Klein of Lenox to Margaret D. Kerswill and Laureen Vizza, $135,000 on 09/16/2015

35 Yokun Ave: Stephen and Frederick C. Peters of Lenox to Terry and Bonnie Burman, $100,000 on 09/17/2015

New Marlborough

1175 Clayton Mill River Rd: Richard T. and Barbara E. Zdziarski of New Marlboro to Irina Nuzova, $570,000 on 09/18/2015


274 New Hollywood Blvd: Gail Palmer of Otis to Candra L. Smith-Slatas and Reed A. Slatas, $188,000 on 09/17/2015


Curtin Rd: Rene E. Mazeau and Dorothy Magee of Peru to Douglas A. and Arlette I. Haskins, $25,000 on 09/15/2015


26 Albro St: Parise Sue M Est and Jeanne M. Talora of Pittsfield to James S. and Margery M. Mullins, $134,000 on 09/17/2015

3 Arthur St: Helen Monterosso of Pittsfield to Michael J. Stewart, $97,850 on 09/18/2015

33 Bishop Pkwy: Robert S. and Stacey M. Rapant of Pittsfield to Kelly H. Coco, $194,000 on 09/14/2015

108 E Housatonic St Unit 9: Jeffrey R. and Marjorie R. Laurin of Pittsfield to Thomas R. Lynch and Angela J. Borden, $81,500 on 09/17/2015

123-125 E Park Ter: Angela B. Cook of Pittsfield to Christopher A. Davis and Sarah B. Armstrong, $130,000 on 09/14/2015

105 Greylock Ter: William E. Defino and Bank Of New York Mellon of Pittsfield to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $118,500 on 09/15/2015

68 Marcella Ave: Mary M. Hunter of Pittsfield to Mystique Davis, $117,500 on 09/14/2015

95 Strong Ave: Jeffrey D. and David A. Coco of Pittsfield to Karen A. Petell, $158,500 on 09/14/2015

3 Tampa Ct: Stephen W. Petrie of Pittsfield to Donald W. Olds, $152,500 on 09/15/2015

73 Tanner St: Meribah V. Haughey of Pittsfield to Kristy M. Berard and David J. Williams, $147,000 on 09/18/2015


2015 Dublin Rd: Bouillon FT and Lise E. Bouillon of Richmond to Diane M. Mcaveeney and Candace L. Palangi, $790,100 on 09/17/2015


1720 Home Rd: Melissa A. Joyce of Sheffield to Joyce B. Scheffey and Jason S. Brown, $235,000 on 09/18/2015


11 Quiet Knoll Rd: Carole and Solomon Israel of Stockbridge to John F. and Linda G. Gillespie, $575,000 on 09/14/2015


706 Frost Rd: Maureen A. Borgnis of Washington to Kimberly and Dominic E. Sinopoli, $300,000 on 09/18/2015

West Stockbridge

2 Colonial Acres: Victoria Street of West Stockbridge to Gerri Willis and David Evans, $460,000 on 09/18/2015


1213 Green River Rd: Peter D. Bubriski and Richard E. Spalding of Williamstown to Alison A Case RET and Alison A. Case, $525,000 on 09/15/2015

12 Grundy Ct: Harlan P Hanson T and Dorothea R. Hanson of Williamstown to Keith Mcpartland and Catherine Mckeen, $290,000 on 09/15/2015

341 Luce Rd: RSB Properties LLC of Williamstown to Susan S. and Dell R. Rodman, $325,000 on 09/14/2015

66 Mill St: Sweeney Karyl Est and David Sweeney of Williamstown to Gerard J. Smith, $36,000 on 09/14/2015

10 Windflower Way Unit 10: Stanley H. and Rosalind Cramer of Williamstown to Jonathan S. Falk and Barbara Hauptman, $290,000 on 09/15/2015


179 Monahan Rd: Michael T. and Ashley M. Molleur of Windsor to Bryan and Stephanie Kopala, $265,000 on 09/15/2015



N/a: Benedict Aitkenhead and Iffoma M. Okoronkwo of Sharon to James F. Capalino and Carlin B. Vickery, $1,260,000 on 09/17/2015

Source: The Warren Group

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