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Berkshire real estate sales, May 7 — 13, 2016

The very latest weekly report from the Warren Group of Berkshire real estate sales, May 7 –13, 2016


14 Bieniek Ave: Irene F. Ferrari of Adams to Paul J. and Michele E. Baran, $169,000 on 05/13/2016

28 Leonard St: Charles E. and Kathryn M. Bosworth of Adams to Randy J. Smith and Barbara A. Osborn, $285,000 on 05/11/2016

91 Orchard St: Florence Wineberg RET and Susan W. Gold of Adams to Joseph C. Thompson, $282,000 on 05/09/2016


55 Yorkshire Dr: Shauna Q. Lowe of Cheshire to James A. Losaw and Alison L. Czubryt, $220,000 on 05/12/2016


28 Deming Street Ext: Marilyn H. Cady of Dalton to Bruce J. Cady, $164,900 on 05/10/2016

92 John St: FHLM of Dalton to Alfred E. Devereaux, $60,000 on 05/13/2016


18 Phillips Rd: Robert W. and Sally A. Turner of Egremont to Robert C. and Kandace A. Jacopino, $225,000 on 05/12/2016

24 Sheffield Rd: Laurine Hawkins-BenDov of Egremont to Christopher D. and Wendy S. Albano, $440,000 on 05/10/2016

Great Barrington

95 Alford Rd: Ronald Majdalany of Great Barrington to David and Hailey Vadakin, $195,000 on 05/11/2016

132 Christian Hill Rd: Christopher J. and Barbara J. May of Great Barrington to John J. Coyle, $265,000 on 05/09/2016

7 Cone Ave Unit C: Matthew S. Ryan of Great Barrington to Kimberly A. Logan, $176,000 on 05/13/2016

21 Knob Hl: Clara L Hassett T and Christopher Hassett of Great Barrington to Margaret Brownell and Adam Medina, $750,000 on 05/12/2016

281 Main St Unit 2: Gregory Jaynes of Great Barrington to Robert W. Finley, $180,000 on 05/12/2016

1026 Main St: Lori J. Lhommedieu of Great Barrington to Paul Carrara and Louise Goldsmith, $140,000 on 05/11/2016

332 N Plain Rd: James D. and Kimberly A. Logan of Great Barrington to Rebecca A. Cushing, $335,000 on 05/13/2016

670 S Egremont Rd: Christopher D. and Wendy S. Albano of Great Barrington to Scott Pezza and Melanie Najarian, $470,900 on 05/10/2016


136 S Shore Rd: Richard E. and Kathy V. Diorio of Hinsdale to Brian E. Diorio, $215,000 on 05/10/2016


20 Martin Ave: Kenneth L. and Brenda Berry of Lee to Richard D. and Melissa A. Tart, $192,900 on 05/13/2016

6 Navin Hts: Andersen Roy M Sr Est and Roy M. Andersen of Lee to Keith Broughel, $239,900 on 05/13/2016


34 Church St Unit 2: PTW Development LLC of Lenox to Church Street Lenox NT and Thomas J. Hamel, $348,250 on 05/09/2016

18 Elm St: Greylock FCU of Lenox to Executive Rentals LLC, $110,000 on 05/10/2016

18 Golden Hill Rd: Greylock FCU of Lenox to Patterson Jordan T and George C. Jordan, $85,000 on 05/10/2016


40 Sylvan Rd: George R. and Carol Mcvey of Monterey to 40 Sylvan LLC, $377,500 on 05/10/2016

New Marlborough

598 Canaan Valley Rd: Presley E. Acuna and Kimberly Maier of New Marlborough to Michele Rast, $325,000 on 05/10/2016

North Adams

488 E Main St: Lance and Marcia Latimer of North Adams to Jennifer L. Mills, $116,000 on 05/09/2016

117 Furnace St: Wayne D. Filan and Rachel D. Porter of North Adams to Charles E. Swabey, $96,000 on 05/09/2016

6 Holden St Unit 6: Louise Lafond of North Adams to Robert V. and Susan W. Kieronski, $70,000 on 05/11/2016


102 Boylston Street Ext: Citifinancial Servicing of Pittsfield to James A. Chandler and Leandra C. Carmel, $61,999 on 05/12/2016

165 California Ave: Gary J. Schneider of Pittsfield to Colleen M. Budness, $123,000 on 05/12/2016

180 Chapel St: Christine A. Thomson of Pittsfield to Robert D. and Sara M. Morison, $188,000 on 05/11/2016

7 Cherry Hill Dr Unit 7: Adrian Wong-Boren and Maria E. Wong of Pittsfield to Michael S. Kalashian, $280,000 on 05/12/2016

353 Cheshire Rd: Jeremy B. and Nichole T. Warren of Pittsfield to Ryan J. Aldam, $120,000 on 05/11/2016

258 Holmes Rd: Charles P. and Anne L. Archambault of Pittsfield to Fernand N. Thebeau and Patricia A. Vincent, $157,500 on 05/09/2016

194 Hungerford St: Linda M. Connors of Pittsfield to William M. Andrews, $2,107 on 05/11/2016

42 Ridge Ave: Rosemarie Polidoro of Pittsfield to Richard Neales, $166,500 on 05/13/2016

162 Sunset St: James A. Losaw of Pittsfield to Ian T. Caruso, $163,100 on 05/12/2016

10 Washington Ave: Craig A. and Karen L. Rand of Pittsfield to James D. Karlson, $126,500 on 05/12/2016


35 Maple Rd: William J. and Carolyn Kane of Richmond to Margaret L. Wyman, $60,000 on 05/11/2016


5 Mahkeenac Trl: Jillian L. and Jason F. Erdos of Stockbridge to Scott M. Vetri and Cindy M. Chu, $422,500 on 05/13/2016


738 Simonds Rd: Charles H. Obrien of Williamstown to Sam W. Amoroso and Sonnet K. Coggins, $209,675 on 05/12/2016


321 Bates Rd: Mark C. and Shauna L. Pierce of Windsor to Alan T. Zawistowski, $252,900 on 05/11/2016



211 Benham St: FNMA of Torrington to RMCM Property Management, $42,500 on 05/02/2016

125 Birchwood Dr: Richard S. and Linda M. Wadhams of Torrington to Timothy and Kim M. Cote, $290,000 on 05/04/2016

49 Briarwood Trl: Michael S. and Lori A. Daniels of Torrington to Daniel H. Miller, $75,000 on 05/03/2016

47 Chatam Ln: USA HUD of Torrington to Carri A. Charity, $85,000 on 05/02/2016

505 Harwinton Ave Unit 10: Muhamed and Enisa Hodzic of Torrington to Spencer M. Mccauley and Tayler Zanetel, $87,000 on 05/04/2016

179 Lincoln Ave: US Bank NA of Torrington to Michael R. Bell, $49,900 on 05/02/2016

667 New Harwinton Rd: Sharon Poley and Caroline Dangelo of Torrington to Bertrand J. Bard, $169,300 on 05/04/2016

83 North St: Helen P. Tyczenski of Torrington to Eric Buckland, $125,000 on 05/04/2016

200 Silver Brook Ln: Steven C. Frisbie of Torrington to James A. Orsini, $186,000 on 05/04/2016

133 Torringford East St: Karen Mcdonald of Torrington to Ross S. Bendell, $153,500 on 05/04/2016


88 Birdsall St: Bank New York Mellon Tr of Winchester to Meredith Bear, $65,000 on 04/28/2016

166 E Lake St: Keith E. and Mary L. Tomlinson of Winchester to Jamie A. and Kristen S. Giantonio, $160,000 on 05/11/2016

99 Nalette Dr: Jeremy and Dyan V. Combes of Winchester to David J. and Jennifer King, $242,000 on 04/28/2016

Source: The Warren Group


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