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Berkshire real estate sales: May 24 – 30

The latest Berkshire County real estate transactions, as compiled by the Warren Group.


72 Lime St: Tina L. Bradbury of Adams to Bradley F. and Stephanie C. Sherman, $81,800 on 05/26/2015


445 Beech Tree Ln: Paul and David Colchamiro of Becket to Marco V. and Andrea R. Artioli, $230,000 on 05/29/2015


32 Cumberland Cir: Roosa John F Est and Peter M. Roosa of Dalton to Raymond C. and Lisa A. Noyes, $110,000 on 05/29/2015

290 Red Barn Rd Unit 290: Irene Blaymore of Dalton to William N. and Linda L. Gravel, $373,000 on 05/28/2015

Great Barrington

260 State Rd: Mary E. Donovan of Great Barrington to Brian M. and Tracey L. Faggioni, $290,000 on 05/29/2015


1175 Washington Rd: Robert E. Duzlak and Lisa M. Larson of Hinsdale to Robert E. and Linda C. Duzlak, $200,000 on 05/28/2015


217 Bailey Rd: Andrew D. Flint and Dawm E. Godfrey of Lanesboro to Shaun M. Kennedy and Carrie Rosier, $354,500 on 05/29/2015

11 Monica Dr: Paul S. and Joanne E. Burgess of Lanesboro to Susan S. Garrison and Matthew Urban, $119,000 on 05/29/2015


90 Saint James Ave: Tracy A. Fraser of Lee to Herney R. Lara and Jenny E. Rodriguez, $189,900 on 05/28/2015

121 Tamarack Ave: Tamara C. Schuerer and Harry C. Truran of Lee to Matthew S. Burd and Chelsea M. Coty, $190,000 on 05/28/2015


260 Pittsfield Rd Unit E4: Harvey Stoller of Lenox to Allan and Joan S. Fishkind, $110,500 on 05/29/2015

1 Rolling Hls Unit 4: Zucker FT and Carl Zucker of Lenox to Glenn Gorelick, $149,500 on 05/28/2015


4 Tyringham Rd: Robert T. and Lynne Horvath of Monterey to Mark H. Gerow, $232,500 on 05/29/2015

North Adams

7 Chenaille Ter: Liliana Sills of North Adams to Jeffrey O. Huffman and Lisa A. Wilk, $215,000 on 05/29/2015

101 Chenaille Ter: Taskin NT and Michael Towler of North Adams to Anthony S. Coniglio and Jane P. Culnane, $190,000 on 05/27/2015

21 High St Unit 5: High Street Condominium of North Adams to Cindy Eidel, $80,000 on 05/29/2015

580 Mohawk Trl: Jackson Dorothy L Est and Anne M. Nelson of North Adams to Cumberland Farms Inc, $135,000 on 05/29/2015


42 Curtin Rd: Meredith Vogel and Citimortgage Inc of Peru to Christopher S. and Sandra L. Beach, $142,000 on 05/28/2015

74 E Main Rd: Charles E. and Karri A. Woodard of Peru to Richard C. Nelson and Donna M. Yelle, $181,500 on 05/29/2015


23 Alcove St: Shawn M. and Judith A. Lampiasi of Pittsfield to Ashley J. Lampiasi, $170,000 on 05/26/2015

43 Cambridge Ave: Christine A. Decarlo of Pittsfield to Alison M. Flynn, $230,000 on 05/29/2015

100 Crane Ave: Shaun M. Kennedy of Pittsfield to Sarah N. Ritcher and Patrick J. Magner, $160,900 on 05/29/2015

84 Davis St: George F. and Susan H. Himmel of Pittsfield to Robert J. Fachini and Jari L. Hinckley, $153,000 on 05/29/2015

44 Dexter St: Elizabeth R. Strickler of Pittsfield to Jennifer C. Brinton, $133,000 on 05/27/2015

173 Eleanor Rd: Judith M. Williamson of Pittsfield to Scott A. Ochs and Angela Malnati, $282,000 on 05/27/2015

162 Kittredge Rd: Jaime L. Panetti and Michelle Pettograsso of Pittsfield to Marc R. and Jaime L. Panetti, $205,000 on 05/27/2015

177 Linden St: Kathleen M. O’connor and John R. Mcknight of Pittsfield to Alliance Properties LLC, $20,000 on 05/26/2015

24 Linn St: Anthony M. Marchetti of Pittsfield to Melanie L. Myers, $123,000 on 05/27/2015

126 Livingston Ave: Marissa L. Stevenson of Pittsfield to Bryan A. and Lisa C. Wespiser, $209,875 on 05/29/2015

55 Lucia Dr: Michael F. Mcneil of Pittsfield to Charles K. Hyde, $186,000 on 05/27/2015

22 Meadow Ln: George F. and Constance D. Yannone of Pittsfield to Joseph E. Pasquarelli, $115,000 on 05/29/2015

553 Pomeroy Ave: Geller FT and Susan R. Geller of Pittsfield to Christopher and Nicole M. Welker, $150,000 on 05/29/2015

565 Pomeroy Ave: Pittsfield Coop Bank of Pittsfield to Rebecca R. Carmel, $145,200 on 05/29/2015

103 Spadina Pkwy: Jeffrey D. and Amanda J. Napior of Pittsfield to Laurie A. Casna, $237,000 on 05/29/2015

182 Union St Unit 3: Martha W. Mohr and Ronald I. Shaw of Pittsfield to Tabitha J. Gerber, $158,000 on 05/29/2015

90 Williamsburg Ter: Mark E. and Mary F. Greengold of Pittsfield to Mary L. Brown, $152,500 on 05/29/2015

124 Windsor Ave: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to Michael F. Mcneil, $95,000 on 05/29/2015


224 Boardman St: Jacoby LT and Roxanne Jacoby of Sheffield to Eugene and Sondra R. Helfand, $360,000 on 05/28/2015

249 Boardman St: Oren R. and Barbra L. Gradus of Sheffield to Timothy D. and Erica L. Schroepfer, $585,000 on 05/29/2015

221 Polikoff Rd: Deborah A. Kelley of Sheffield to Renannah E. Weinstein and John J. Vail, $260,000 on 05/29/2015


68 Cross Place Rd: Pete H. and Ann M. Goucher of Washington to Brian P. Brennan and Juliana C. Brunell, $280,000 on 05/28/2015

1273 S Washington State Rd: Gregory J. Viner of Washington to Michael A. and Shelby A. Patton, $220,000 on 05/29/2015

Source: The Warren Group

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