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Vickie Shufton

Vickie Shufton has worked in public education for 35 years--first in Nevada as a teacher of emotionally disabled adolescents, then in Kern county where she trained teachers to work with the same population, and finally, now, in Massachusetts as a school psychologist. In 2001, her post-graduate work focused on student-perpetrated acts of lethal violence, and how to prevent such acts from occurring. This work continues to the present day. I intend to retire a year from now, leaving this critical work to others who have the youth and energy to carry it forward.

written articles

I WITNESS: It is lonely in the middle

I know that there are far more of us in the center than at the margins, but the margins seem to be running the show these days.

I WITNESS: Welcome to the new Theocratic States of America

Because every word of the Bible is divinely inspired, citizens of the Theocratic States of America will no longer be able to pick and choose which of God’s laws they obey.

I WITNESS: False equivalencies

Let’s be clear: Donald Trump is not being politically persecuted; he is being criminally prosecuted.

I WITNESS: Useful idiots

Carlson is hardly the first useful idiot who has been manipulated by Putin.

I WITNESS: Senior moments

It is clear that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden stumble physically and verbally. They are both forgetful, and we will have a binary choice this November: to vote for one old, forgetful man or the other old, forgetful man.

I WITNESS: Taylor Swift — a tool of the deep state?

Until a few weeks ago, I don’t think I had ever so much as said Taylor Swift’s name aloud. Now, she is plastered all over every news channel and every newspaper for reasons that are breathtakingly stupid.

I WITNESS: What on Earth is Nikki Haley doing?

“Operation Haley” is beginning to feel less like a campaign and more like an audition … but for what?

I WITNESS: Time to go back to the beach, Ronny D.

Gov. DeSantis can now avoid the bitter cold of actual winter, return to his frigid hotel room, pack up his Speedo and white rubber boots, and return to the warm embrace of the Florida legislature.

I WITNESS: Closing the circle, part three — Finale

To so casually dispose of the many artifacts that provided rich evidence of my mother's long and loving life feels almost as if I am throwing away not just her belongings, but her as well.

I WITNESS: A principled—maybe—departure for Chris Christie

This past week, Christie departed the field of presidential hopefuls, unable to attract a sufficient number of big- or small-money donors. He learned, for the umpty-ninth time, that his party doesn’t want the truth.

I WITNESS: For Pete’s sake

I would invite Pete to come for a visit, but, at this point, he is determined to stay south of the Mason-Dixon line. Maybe that will change, but if it doesn’t, I will be happy to be his pen pal for as long as he wishes.

I WITNESS: It’s not the economy folks — it’s inflation

A good economy has not yet offset the fact that none of us feel that we are getting ahead; at best, we are treading water.

I WITNESS: Season’s greetings from Donald Trump

Apart from having no manners, no empathy, and no ability to tell the truth, Mr. Trump also seems not to understand that in order to win general elections, you have to be able to engage and persuade a majority of Americans that you actually care about them and have their best interests at heart.

I WITNESS: Perhaps it is time to say goodbye to the vestiges of representative government, and hello to direct democracy

Presidents should be elected by a direct majority of voters, and laws should be enacted by a direct majority of voters. Legislation should be proposed by direct referendum, and then adopted by direct referendum.

I WITNESS: There is a crisis at the southern border, and it is everyone’s fault

We have now arrived at a moment of reckoning. We have devolved into playing political chess with frightened, traumatized refugees fleeing poverty, crime, and political oppression.

I WITNESS: An electrified electorate

Are we really looking to repeat the Trump experience? Do we really need to stick the key into the electrical outlet again?

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