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Howard Lieberman

Howard Lieberman is a local musician, writer, and lapsed tech guy who moved full-time to the Berkshires ten years ago. An entrepreneur, teacher, and speaker, he previously worked in sound at Bose and Apple, studied acoustics at MIT, and, most recently, composition at Juilliard. Howard is currently at work manifesting blogs and books about innovation, innovators, and innovation relationships. Howard has the good fortune to work mostly in and around world-class innovation cultures, including Apple, Bose, DARPA, MIT, and Juilliard. More information is at

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TECH TALK: You need to deal with the downside of tech democratization

If fear of technology causes us to surrender personal power and freedom to autocrats, it will be difficult to claw our way back. Hey, it happened before and was called the Dark Ages. And then it took centuries before there was a Renaissance.

TECH TALK: Unleashing creativity – The power of Creator Tech

While Creator Tech offers immense potential for innovation and creative expression, it's essential to approach it with a critical eye and a thoughtful mindset.

TECH TALK: Embracing the AI revolution

Let's unpack some of the possibilities that AI, even at its current early stages of development, offers us.


Although I can no longer beat my computer at chess, I have zero fear about ever being replaced by AI. DO NOT give in to the fearmongering. Do not be afraid of AI, and do not ignore it either. Form your own judgement. Try it and then see how you feel.

TECH TALK: Shareholder Mutuality

The largest difference between a creator and an innovator is the presence of a business model. As soon as you have a business model, you have stakeholders. The relationship between innovators and stakeholders transcends mere transactions. It demands mutual respect and value exchange

TECH TALK: Now get started

Introducing a new column about the intersection of technology and creativity.

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