Saturday, June 15, 2024

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AT THE TRIPLEX: Stay afraid of Virginia Woolf

It might seem odd that a rating system that has become synonymous with sex and violence was brought about by a movie that’s essentially just four people talking.

AT THE TRIPLEX: Our ‘best’ Oscar predictions

Whatever happens on Sunday, I hope you will join us at the Triplex to watch it with your fellow movie lovers. We recommend you come early to enjoy pizza from Roberto’s and take your photo with an actual Oscar on loan from our friends at Scout House.

AT THE TRIPLEX: The art of activism

Does making a documentary about activism count as activism?


Without the influence of these seemingly “bad movies,” we wouldn’t have some of the most important and exciting filmmaking of the last 40 years.

AT THE TRIPLEX: Keeping it short

As we endure more and more three-hour-plus movies, you can’t help but wonder: Do they have to be this long?

AT THE TRIPLEX: Week of February 9, 2024

One of the movies opening at the Triplex this week, "The Taste of Things," is the latest film to explore the intersection of passion and food, telling the story of two chefs who use food to express their true feelings for each other.

AT THE TRIPLEX: Week of February 2, 2024

Two of the films playing at the Triplex this week come from auteurs who each excel in their own micro-genres of cinematic discomfort.

AT THE TRIPLEX: Week of January 26, 2024

This year the international voting bloc of the Academy Awards threw their support behind two titles: "Anatomy of a Fall" and "The Zone of Interest." Both movies picked up five nominations, including Best Picture and Director.

AT THE TRIPLEX: Week of January 19, 2024

A weekly update on what is happening at the Triplex Cinema.

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